24 August 2017
We are happy to announce that our new collective agreement is posted here.  Most changes took effect on the date of signing, 1 June 2017.  The changes to Article 22 Registration Fees, as well as to Articl
14 July 2017
On June 1, the RE Group Collective Agreement was signed. We are going to see the first effects on our pay on July 12. The pay of most RE members will be adjusted based on the new hourly rate. There will also be a partial or full retroactive payment.
16 June 2017
At the close of the RE Annual General Meeting on June 2nd, your new RE Group Executive took office, as per the Elections Results from the Fall.
1 June 2017
On June 1, 2017 the Institute and the employer signed the RE collective agreement.
23 March 2017
PREAMBLE In general, these By-Laws pertain to matters of Group organization not covered by the By-Laws and Regulations of The Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada and are made pursuant to those By-Laws and Regulations.