What PIPSC Does For You

Fair collective agreements are the benchmark of a successful union!

To ensure your bargaining team achieves the best results, PIPSC provides your Group with top-notch negotiators, research staff and analysts.

Problem in the workplace with your employer or with a co-worker?

Over the course of your career, you may find yourself involved in an individual or collective grievance. PIPSC stewards and staff will ensure that your rights are fully protected. You will be well represented every step of the way.

Do your salary and tasks accurately reflect your actual contribution in the workplace?

We provide expert opinion on our members’ work descriptions and classifications to correct inequalities.

Are you concerned about losing your job because of government cutbacks?

We advise and protect members whose positions have been jeopardized by Workforce Adjustment (WFA) or other employer-driven initiatives.

Are you concerned that your voice isn’t heard in Parliament?

We work with federal politicians of all parties (PIPSC is a non-partisan organization) to identify and resolve issues of importance to our members.

Do Canadians know what you do?

We develop media campaigns to make Canadians aware of the critical role the public service plays in protecting their safety and well-being.

Is there strength in numbers?

Absolutely. PIPSC works with other unions and interest groups to protect our members`rights and the services Canadians need and deserve.

PIPSC – We’re Here for You