Labour Relations

Representational services provided by PIPSC ensure that our members’ individual and collective rights are respected.

Collective Bargaining

Your Group's bargaining team, assisted by a professional negotiator and a compensation analyst, negotiates your collective agreement with your employer. This agreement contains provisions establishing your terms and conditions of employment, rates of pay, hours of work and the rights or duties of the parties to the agreement. Fairness and respect are the result of effective collective bargaining.


Stewards provide advice, initial aid and guidance to members and are an invaluable link between the Institute and members in their work sites. They can assist in finding a reasonable solution to avoid an escalating problem.


Union-management consultation is a forum to raise issues, share information, advice and concerns about programs, policies and procedures, with a view to resolving problems and concerns.

Consultation is a constructive exercise to promote understanding and problem solving between the Institute and the employer, at a level appropriate to resolve the issues in an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust. This means providing information and seeking opinions and advice from those affected. Consultation is essential in building relationships; it is an ongoing process not limited to formal meetings between the parties.


Classification experts provide advice on classification matters and represent members with their classification grievances. These experts deliver training pertaining to job evaluation, job content and the classification process.

Legal Counsel

Legal opinions and consultations are provided by legal experts on specific issues arising from government decisions and/or legislation that affect the entire membership, specific Groups or individual members.

Pension and Benefits Advice

The Institute's employment/labour relations officers can help you understand issues pertaining to your pension, disability insurance, medical and dental plans and other employment benefits. The Institute also offers the services of a pension and benefits advisor at the National Office.