Care leave

Who is care leave for? 

You need to look after yourself and your loved ones. Care leave options in your collective agreement let you take the time to care for yourself and those around you.

Care leave isn’t just for parents of young children. Care leave includes taking time to care for:

  • Yourself
  • Elderly parents
  • Young children
  • Other family members
  • Someone who is like family to you, even if you aren’t related

What is care leave?

Different kinds of care leave may have different names depending on their intended purpose, such as family leave, personal leave, or domestic violence leave.

It can be confusing to figure out which kind of leave to use when you’re dealing with an emergency – know your options before you need them.

How to access care leave

Not sure what kind of care leave to use? Start with this chart.

Looking for more information? Watch our webinar with experts from the PIPSC employment relations team.

care leave chart. Sick leave: When you’re unable to work due to physical or mental illness or injury. Family-related responsibilities leave: To take family members to medical or dental appointments. Personal leave: For personal errands not covered by another kind of leave. Bereavement leave: To grieve the loss of a family member and attend a memorial service. Code 699 (Other leave with pay: For caregiving responsibilities of children or dependents due to the pandemic. Domestic violence leave: For victims or survivors of domestic violence, or the parent of a child who is a victim of domestic violence. Pregnancy and parental leave: For parents who are away from work due to pregnancy, post-natal recovery, or to care for their newborn or newly adopted child.

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