1 March 2021
On February 23, 2021, President Debi Daviau testified before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Finance about our concerns with Bill C-224, which would create a single tax return for Quebecers to be processed by Revenu Québec.
23 February 2021
Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland has referred to the upcoming budget as the “the most significant one of our lifetimes.” The stakes are high; we want to ensure this budget works for PIPSC members and all Canadians.
12 February 2021
Bill C-224 aims to create a single tax return administered by Revenu Québec. We oppose and are actively working to stop this bill.
2 February 2021
We, the public service unions and the National Association of Federal Retirees of the Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP), demand that the Treasury Board come to the table ready to discuss changes to the plan.
28 January 2021
The federal Pay Equity Act was passed nearly two years ago, yet it has not been implemented. We have submitted our recommendations to improve the Pay Equity Act and ensure the timely implementation of this important legislation.
18 December 2020
The New Brunswick Premier wants a one-year wage freeze and three years with only a 1% annual increase for public servants. We are working with all other bargaining agents to push back against this wage freeze.
15 December 2020
Following the results of our most recent survey of PIPSC members in the federal public service, PIPSC has filed a series of policy grievances with the employer.
9 December 2020
PIPSC Economist, Ryan Campbell, brings us the 5 takeaways from Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland’s 2020 fiscal update delivered on Monday, Nov. 30, 2020.
4 December 2020
Yves Cousineau is the PIPSC's 2020 life member award winner, and Mike Murphy wins the 2020 Institute Service Award.
26 October 2020
To date, the use of Code 699 has been minimal. Those who need it – need it. It is a great disappointment that the Treasury Board has decided to change its guidance on the use of Code 699.
20 October 2020
In April 2020, the pay centre suspended the recovery of overpayments and missed pension contributions made by the failed Phoenix pay system as a temporary measure due to COVID-19. Recoveries will restart in October 2020.
16 October 2020
The long-awaited successor to the failed Phoenix pay system will enter a pilot project at Canadian Heritage.
8 October 2020
We are pleased to learn that the Government of Canada has reappointed Dr. Mona Nemer as the government’s Chief Science Advisor (CSA).
9 September 2020
The PIPSC Black Caucus is seeking volunteers to join the leadership team. This is your opportunity to lead and implement policies and programs that support PIPSC’s Black members.
8 September 2020
PIPSC President, Debi Daviau has reached out to all political leaders in New Brunswick to clarify their positions on issues that matter most to our members.
2 September 2020
The Women in Science project team at PIPSC developed infographics depicting the general maternity, parental and family care leave entitlements, and return to work rights, available to federal public sector employees.
27 August 2020
The Public Service Disability Insurance Plan will temporarily accept electronic forms and signatures for claims.
24 August 2020
The best course of action to take when determining how to manage the reopening of schools is to speak directly with your manager about your personal situation. We are working at all levels, with all unions representing workers in the federal public service, to ensure you have access to the leave you need.
14 August 2020
On August 12, the PIPSC Board of Directors met in a special session to discuss the resumption of in-person meetings of PIPSC members. After extensive discussion, the Board determined that all in-person member meetings will be suspended until the end of 2020.
10 August 2020
On June 10, 2020, PIPSC Vice-President and Science Advisory Committee Chair Norma Domey led our mobilization efforts on #ShutDownAcademia and #shutdownSTEM, an initiative developed by a multi-identity, intersectional coalition of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) professionals and academics taking action for Black lives.
24 July 2020
“Public servants have gone above and beyond in the face of this crisis,” said Debi Daviau, PIPSC President. “Working parents have been faced with full time childcare duties and balancing their current workloads. It is clear that safe and accessible childcare is key to a functioning economy.”
23 July 2020
Listen to the recordings of our recent town hall for PIPSC members at provincial or separate employers hosted by President Debi Daviau.
15 July 2020
EWSP was developed by members for members, so that in times of need you can focus on your health. Learn more about the 26 weeks of leave paid at 100%.
10 July 2020
Congratulations to PSAC and their 70,000 members in the PA Group on reaching a tentative agreement. We are waiting for more details about this agreement to determine if and how it will impact our members.
30 June 2020
The Public Service Dental Care Plan (PSDCP) and the Pensioners’ Dental Services Plan have temporarily extended coverage for eligible dependents aging out of the plan.  To lessen the impact of Covid-19 restrictions on dental care, the eligible dependents of plan members will, in most circumstances
25 June 2020
Listen to the recordings of our recent town hall for federal public servants hosted by President Debi Daviau.
24 June 2020
Join President Debi Daviau on Thursday, July 9 to discuss how COVID-19 has affected the work of members at provincial or separate employers, what PIPSC has been advocating for, and where we go from here.
19 June 2020
If you are entitled to Phoenix compensation days, the compensation day for 2019-20 should now be in your vacation bank.
16 June 2020
We are proud to have participated in the CLC’s first Indgenous Lobby Day in April 2019. While this event isn’t possible this year, you can listen to our own Greg Scriver speak on its impact and importance.
15 June 2020
This National public service week, join President Debi Daviau to discuss how COVID-19 has affected the work of federal public servants, what PIPSC has been advocating for, and where we go from here.
12 June 2020
Our friend and colleague James Allan has passed away. We want to offer our deepest condolences to James’ family, friends, colleagues and fellow union members.
11 June 2020
The monthly employee premium for the Public Service Disability Plan has increased from 29 cents per $1,000 in salary to 35 cents per $1,000. This reflects the increased cost of the plan.
11 June 2020
Join President Debi Daviau on Thursday, June 18 to discuss how COVID-19 has affected the work of federal public servants, what PIPSC has been advocating for, and where we go from here.
10 June 2020
PIPSC represents many LGBTQ2+ people and allies. We work together to make sure public service workplaces are safe for everyone. Join us in amplifying LGBTQ2+ voices online.
10 June 2020
PIPSC has been in discussions with the Treasury Board Secretariat on guidelines to returning to the workplace for several weeks. There is still no date for that return. The health and safety of our members must be ensured.
5 June 2020
The Federal Black Employee Caucus is launching a survey to better understand the experiences of Black federal public service employees.