The time has come to elect a new union Executive, as the mandate of the current Executive is coming to an end. In accordance with the Group By-Laws, an election for these positions must be held. All regular members of the NFB Group can be nominated as candidates.

All members who wish to become actively involved in union matters are invited to stand for one of the following positions on the Executive: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, plus three Members-at-large. The term of office is three years.

Interested members must send the completed nomination form to Diane Lanthier at by November 30, 2018, at 4 PM (Ottawa time).

The duties of the Executive are listed in By-Law 6 available on the PIPSC Web site. Training sessions are offered by PIPSC staff in English and French throughout the country.  Should you have any questions, please contact Mathieu Sheehy or one of the members of the current Executive. 

Should an election be necessary, all candidates are invited to submit their résumés, of 300 words or less, stating their experience/objectives by e-mail to Diane Lanthier at by December 7, 2018. The résumés of candidates are listed by position.

NOTE:  It is the responsibility of candidates to review their résumés before they are submitted.  The résumés will not be proofread, and corrections will not be made.  They will be inserted into the Elections Newsletter as submitted by candidates.