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December 2019. We were about to send you the first newsletter from your union’s NFB group to share the latest news, discuss the union’s behind-the-scenes work and remind you that we’re here, when BOOM: the NFB launched its restructuring just before the holidays.

I’ll skip the details since you’re well aware of them. In such situations, the union’s role is to ensure that management decisions do not disadvantage members, interfere in any way with the collective agreement or raise new issues in our common and individual work. It’s up to you to tell us about the changes in your work and your worries. If you have any concerns, whether major or minor, we’re here.

And on that topic, here’s the latest! Open house on Thursdays, once a month. We will be available to meet with you in person or by teleconference for those who are far away once a month from noon to 1 p.m. (Montréal and Toronto time). You will receive an invitation with a theme. There will be a short 15-minute presentation on the theme, followed by a question period on the topic or on other themes. These meetings will be informal.

If you have any questions of a more sensitive nature, the usual channels are still open to you. Contact one of your union delegates for more information.

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