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30 November 2021
The history of PIPSC is now available free as an e-book. Get your copy today. Share it with your colleagues.
30 November 2021
From coast to coast, PIPSC members planted hundreds of trees to celebrate our 100th anniversary.
26 November 2021
The federal pay equity process is underway to ensure that workers in women-dominated jobs receive equal pay for work of equal value.
19 November 2021
The Institute is saddened to learn of the passing of Marie-Claude Lavigne on November 18, 2021. Marie-Claude worked as a psychologist at Correctional Services of Canada in Québec. She was a dedicated employee and an active PIPSC steward from 1985 to 1996 at the Leclerc Institution in Laval. 
19 November 2021
On November 16, 2021, President Debi Daviau met with recently appointed Treasury Board President Mona Fortier to discuss the way forward on our members’ key issues.
9 November 2021
On behalf of its members and staff, the Institute is proud to honour all Canadians who served during the various wars in which our great nation participated.
9 November 2021
President Debi Daviau delivered a bilingual address via Zoom at the 2021 AGM.
6 November 2021
See the results of the 2021 national elections for the PIPSC Board of Directors.
5 November 2021
Congratulations to Dr. Sean Li (RE), the 2021 PIPSC Gold Medal laureate. This gold medal recognizes Dr. Li's pioneering work in the field of vaccine research that has been instrumental in the international fight against viruses and pandemics, including COVID-19.
4 November 2021
President Debi Daviau presented awards to deserving Institute members for their exemplary and inspiring leadership and thanked the members of the Awards Selection Panel for recommending these laureates.
4 November 2021
We are stronger together. Learn more about the accomplishments and continuous work of Canada’s largest union of professional employees in this year’s annual report.
1 November 2021
Union members should be allowed to acknowledge the Indigenous territory on which they work.
1 November 2021
Hugo works as a High Performance Computing Application Supervisor, he is also a steward and delegate for the PIPSC CS group and has been engaged in many projects and campaigns.
29 October 2021
PIPSC welcomes the announcement of the Honourable Mona Fortier as the new President of the Treasury Board.
20 October 2021
As workplaces and jobs change, our new application will mean professionals can access trailblazing research, gain valuable insights on how societal changes will impact their jobs, and access professional development opportunities that can help them advance their careers.
19 October 2021
The Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP) is seeking feedback on how it communicates to its members.
15 October 2021
As the union representing the scientists who approved the COVID-19 vaccines, PIPSC welcomes all efforts to increase vaccination coverage in Canada.
13 October 2021
We’re working with the Future Skills Centre to help our members thrive within a changing labour market.
13 October 2021
Frequently asked questions and answers for PIPSC union members regarding the Treasury Board mandatory vaccination policy.
8 October 2021
Through triumphs and challenges, our union has proved again that we are better together even when we are two metres apart.
7 October 2021
How to submit your proof of vaccination in order to be eligible to attend in-person union meetings, events or activities.
5 October 2021
It is with a profound sense of sadness that the Institute informs you of the passing of Harry Walker. Harry died on September 15, 2021, surrounded by family, after a lengthy illness.
5 October 2021
OTTAWA, October 5, 2021 — Auditors, forensic accountants, and other tax professionals at the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) have had enough of wealthy individuals and corporations avoiding taxes.
30 September 2021
In 2021, we awarded 36 scholarships worth a total of $56,000. To date, we’ve awarded $1,050,000 in scholarships to 542 students. Thank you to our sponsors. Congratulations to all our laureates.
29 September 2021
We have submitted our analysis and recommendations to the new federal Task Force reviewing the Employment Equity Act.  
17 September 2021
Decision was made to protect the safety of attendees.
13 September 2021
As the union representing the scientists who approved the COVID vaccines, PIPSC welcomes all efforts to increase vaccination coverage in Canada. That includes a vaccine policy that makes vaccines more accessible to our members and accommodates legitimate reasons for which an employee may not be vaccinated.
10 September 2021
PIPSC will hold 4 virtual election forums for members to learn more about the candidates’ visions for the future of our union.
8 September 2021
All the positions are for 3-year terms beginning January 1, 2022 and ending December 31, 2024.
3 September 2021
To help our members make an informed choice on September 20th, we sent a non-partisan survey to Canada's major political parties. We asked the parties where they stand on the issues most important to our members.
11 August 2021
The government has announced the expansion of NextGen pay and HR system testing to two federal organizations with complex scheduling and pay needs, the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard.
11 August 2021
New federal statutory holiday is a day for public servants to join Canadians in recognizing the painful legacy of residential schools.
5 August 2021
Twice now, the federal government has delayed new rules to regulate drug prices. President Debi Daviau reminded Minister Hajdu of the importance of making medication more affordable for Canadians.
30 July 2021
All nomination documentation must be sent to the Professional Institute National Office not later than August 27, 2021, 5:00 PM (Ottawa Time).
26 July 2021
President Debi Daviau underlined the historic swearing in of the Rt. Hon. Mary Simon as Canada’s Governor General.
15 July 2021
Save the date! Our 102nd AGM will be held on November 5 and 6, 2021.