Ontario has eliminated out-of-country medical coverage for its residents. Effective January 1st, 2020, the province will no longer reimburse emergency healthcare costs incurred overseas, with the exception of dialysis services. This decision only affects Ontario residents, other Canadian provinces and territories continue to offer minimal coverage for certain emergency medical services provided outside of Canada.

Most PIPSC members living and working in Ontario are covered by either the Public Service Healthcare Plan (PSHCP) or another private healthcare plan. These plans offer emergency travel benefits and the new legislation will not affect their medical coverage.

For example, the PSHCP currently provides up to $500,000 of coverage for certain emergency health care expenses incurred within the first forty days abroad. The PSHCP also covers certain related expenses, such as evacuation and family assistance, up to certain limits. Many credit cards also provide some coverage when travel expenses (airfare, car rental, etc) are paid with the credit card.

Before travelling outside of Canada, PIPSC strongly recommends you verify what coverage you have through your work, spouse and/or credit card. Members of the Core Public Administration and some separate agencies are covered by the PSHCP. Additional coverage can be purchased through various insurance providers. PIPSC’s ServicePlus program offers preferential rates on additional travel insurance.