Yet another setback for the Public Service Health Care Plan – Cybersecurity alert

We have received notification of a significant cybersecurity incident affecting MSH International’s systems, a subcontractor for Canada Life responsible for managing the Public Service Health Care Plan. MSH handles emergency travel and benefits for federal public servants and their families traveling abroad or stationed overseas.

The Treasury Board is currently investigating the extent of the breach in collaboration with MSH and Canada Life. We are actively monitoring the situation and awaiting the government's response to address our members’ concerns and outline the necessary measures to safeguard their privacy and security.

This unfortunate development follows the challenging transition to Canada Life last summer, which resulted in numerous issues for members attempting to access their health insurance. It also bears a resemblance to the ongoing struggles with the beleaguered Phoenix pay system, which remains unresolved almost eight years after its troubled launch.

At present, MSH is unable to process claims or requests, and their client portal is inaccessible. However, members can still contact Canada Life by phone at 1-833-774-2700 within North America (toll-free) or 1-365-337-7427 outside of North America (collect-call).